The future is here

Digital annual reports deliver a whole new user experience for readers. Going digital gives companies the opportunity to inspire and excite their audience with the latest interactive functionality, while demonstrating a commitment to innovation. At MDM, we encourage our clients to consider creating a digital annual report to complement their traditional paper-based report. We have our own cutting-edge digital products to create and host your online annual report and make it easy for people to connect with your company.

Interactive PDF

This entry level product is a step-up from the mandatory static PDF that all companies are required to produce. The Interactive PDF or eBook provides a simple platform whereby shareholders can view your report with the aid of an additional contents page that enables readers to easily click through to any part of a report. Simple buttons provide a search function and the ability to share and print if required. Our platform enables the reader to also ‘browse issues’ in a digital library. This is where we group connected documents for a reporting period – such as your Annual Report, Half Year Report and Sustainability Report.

Microsite report

This product is at the forefront of digital annual reporting. It enables us to convert key data from your existing Annual Report into a digital form, that looks and feels like a ‘mini’ website. Shareholders can click on a link from your corporate website or receive the link in an email to access the site. The platform we have built is fully responsive and will display perfectly on a desktop computer, tablet and smart phone. The Microsite is geared to deliver a better online experience for shareholders, and entice people to access reports online, rather than request printed copies. Our product can be used for any investor communication including Annual Reports, Half Year Reports and Sustainability Reports.

Investor portal

This product forms a central hub for all your investor relations. We design and build a bespoke platform that operates like a website for your investor communication including your Annual Report. The Investor Portal functions as a ‘technological gateway’ that connects your company with your shareholders and stakeholders. We use animation to bring key charts, infographics and takeaways to life, and movement to highlight ‘must read’ sections. We can include video content for interviews and links to parts of the business. The online Investor Portal provides an engaging experience for readers and offers a number of compelling benefits to companies.

Online examples

Following is a selection of some key project we have produced using our digital products. Click on each link to view.